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And we’re live!

Sweet! is officially a go! You can now sign up and try the thing out. If you have any comments/questions/ideas, please use the contact page.

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More functionality added

Okay, I added the book management functions. That only leaves two things to add before I launch the public beta. I just need to add a way to search for blogs/books and then I need to create the messaging system.

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Status Report #1

I have the basic user signup and login stuff done, & yesterday I finished up the basic blog management portion of the site. Next up I’ll be working on the book listing management.

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Getting things going.

Well, the new year is here, and it’s time to get rolling. I’m working hard on the app itself and I’m hoping to have something usable up by the end of this month (January 2011). Also within the next few days I’ll begin to hammer out some things here on the blog.

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Affiliate Info

Yes, there are occasional affiliate links around here. If you click one of those and then sign up or buy something, I may get a commission. I don't know why you'd have a problem with that, as it doesn't cost you any more, plus I'm providing you with a pretty awesome service for free.