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I just fixed the bug in the browsing pages that would show all books/blog when you selected “Fiction.” Also, I’ll be posting the first couple of Blog tour reports from folks who have gone on virtual tour next week.


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Data Annihilation

If you have lost data from your conversations, I am truly sorry. There was a major bug in a new feature I just put up and it resulted in some catastrophic data annihilation. The worst part: I don’t know if I can get the data back. The bug, however is now fixed, so this won’t happen again. […]

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Okay, as you may have already noticed, the main site just received a minor facelift to make it less, uh, gray. Also, there’s a couple of new features. If you look in your right hand menu you’ll see two new options. “Browse Books” and “Browse Blogs”. Now you can search through everything. Let me know if you […]

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First Couple of Tour Stops – Check

Okay, this last week we had our first couple of tour stops that were arranged through Yes, I happened to be involved in both of them, but hey, I’m a blogger/author too, so it counts. Interview with J. Dane Tyler. I interviewed horror author J. Dane Tyler using BlogTour’s messaging system. Then I made […]

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I hate IE.

For those of you who are using Internet Explorer and have been trying to log in and actually use the BlogTour system, I apologize.  That’s right, I hereby apologize for Microsoft building such a crappy browser. And I apologize for not testing things in every browser. Anyway, it should be fixed now. Go add your […]

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Notifications! Plus I need your help.

There is now an automatic notification system. If you want to receive an email whenever anyone starts a conversation with you or sends you a message on an ongoing conversation, just go to your “settings” page and enable notifications. We need a couple of more books added into the system, and then I need everybody’s […]

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Okay, for reals this time.

Oh, do I have egg on my face. I launched and I left a major setting unset. Nobody was able to get their initial email all weekend, you know, the one that’s supposed to contain your password. *Sigh* The problem is now fixed. If you signed up and never received a password, go to the […]

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And we’re live!

Sweet! is officially a go! You can now sign up and try the thing out. If you have any comments/questions/ideas, please use the contact page.

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More functionality added

Okay, I added the book management functions. That only leaves two things to add before I launch the public beta. I just need to add a way to search for blogs/books and then I need to create the messaging system.

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Status Report #1

I have the basic user signup and login stuff done, & yesterday I finished up the basic blog management portion of the site. Next up I’ll be working on the book listing management.

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