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Tour Report: Cora Parks

What is your name & website if you have one?

Cora Parks

What book did you take on virtual tour?

Your IRS Refund

What is the main genre / category of your book?

Non fiction

How did you find the blogs where your book made a virtual tour stop?


How did you approach the blog owners?

I used a blog tour specialist who contacted the blog and website owners.

Did you try to schedule the stops so they happened on consecutive days? How did that work out?

No. Depending on the service you choose, the professional schedules these tours a few days apart.

Did you see in increase of traffic to your website during/after the tour?


Did you see an increase of sales during/after the tour?


What did you learn from doing this tour?

That it is hard work and may not result in book sales.

Will you be doing another tour, either for the same book or a new one?

Yes, for a new book.

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