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Tour Report: Hillary Peak

What is your name & website if you have one? 

Hillary Peak

What book did you take on virtual tour?

Wings of Hope

What is the main genre / category of your book?

literary fiction

How did you find the blogs where your book made a virtual tour stop?

I emailed blogs under the fiction genre

(Here on I’m assuming  –Bryce)

How did you approach the blog owners?

I send a letter with a book summary and said I’d like to stop–do anything, a feature, a giveaway, a post, an interview, whatever.

Did you try to schedule the stops so they happened on consecutive days?

No, I just did what they wanted in terms of dates.

Did you see in increase of traffic to your website during/after the tour?

a little

Did you see an increase of sales during/after the tour?


What did you learn from doing this tour?

Book promotion is a lot of hard work!  But I enjoyed "meeting" bloggers and learning about them.

Will you be doing another tour, either for the same book or a new one?


Here’s a couple of her tour stops so you can see what she did.


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