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Take your book on a virtual tour. has two purposes.

  1. To help authors find blogs that are willing to be stops on a blog tour.
  2. To help blogs get new content from authors on (blog) tour.

I built this site because I was looking for places to take my own book on virtual tour, and I was having a hard time. I had to track down blogs I thought might allow a tour stop, dig up contact information, and hope for the best. I figured that somebody should build a site that helps take the yuck out of the whole process. Its free to use and I'll be fixing things up and adding features as I get enough people to help me test the idea.

So what is a blog tour, anyway?

A blog tour is when an author "visits" a bunch of blogs in a short amount of time in order to promote his or her book. At each of these visits (tour stops), the author can post a unique article, do an email or audio interview, or even create a video. Something that provides useful or interesting content for the readers of the blog.

So how does Work?

After you sign up for an account, you'll be emailed a password. Once you get that email and login, you'll be able to enter details of any books you wish to promote as well as any blogs that you run.

Once your books are in the system, you can search for blogs that may be interested in letting you stop by. Once your blogs are in the system, you can search for books that may be looking for blog tour stops. Just use the "Book a Tour Stop" link from the menu to get started.

Picture of the menu with the "Book a Tour Stop" link circled.

When you are logged in and looking at the information page for any book or blog, there is a contact form at the bottom. Use this form to start a conversation.

Picture of the contact form.

In your conversation, you can determine if the tour stop is a good fit for both parties, exchange contact info (if you want), and make arrangements.

Picture of a blog tour stop conversation.

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